Our Business Model

  • Sharp Action LLC operates as an independent sponsor with access to a wide range of capital sources from across all segments of the private investor spectrum. We raise capital for our deals through the network of the Sharp Action team and our strategic relationship with Stonington Capital Advisors, a boutique placement and advisory firm focused on the lower middle market.

  • We engage with company management without prearranged capital and subsequently market transactions to our capital sources. These include several single and multi-family offices and other capital partners, such as:

    • Endowments
    • Foundations
    • High Net Worth Individuals
    • Insurance Companies
    • Other Institutional Investors
  • We have long-standing relationships with capital partners that span several years.

  • Sharp Action offers stronger investor alignment than traditional private equity and venture capital funds on various issues, which is why our capital partners find the independent sponsor model appealing.

    • Our approach provides greater fee transparency to investors, who are not tied to restrictive time horizons set by fund vehicles and benefit from not having to deal with fund management issues associated with committed capital.
    • Our capital partners have greater control over how their funds are invested, including the discretion to review each investment opportunity independently.
  • Our firm draws on its industry relationships and expertise to identify compelling investment opportunities. We play a leading role on behalf of our capital partners in conducting due diligence on the identified companies and structuring and negotiating the ensuing investment transactions.

  • We will typically acquire at closing an equity interest alongside our capital partners in the special purpose vehicle which completes an investment. We monitor these investments and work with management to grow operations following closing.

Our Value Proposition

  • Our firm is focused on helping talented and committed management teams scale their businesses and achieve their strategic visions. We invest in companies where our capital can be used to fuel revenue growth, drive efficiencies, enhance operations, and execute acquisitions.

  • Sharp Action provides the financial and strategic resources necessary to implement specific initiatives, rather than managing the day-to-day operations of the portfolio companies in which it invests.

  • We tailor the size and structure of each investment opportunity to best fit the appetite of our capital partners and objectives of business owners. The level of our participation in any deal depends on various factors such as the stage of a company’s development, the amount of invested capital, the liquidity needs of existing owners, and other facts and circumstances specific to the company.

  • With an equity stake and continued advisory role in the business post-closing, Sharp Action’s interests are aligned with both management and its capital partners in working to execute a successful growth strategy and to create long-term value for all shareholders. Our professional backgrounds qualify us, among other things, to:

    • Assist companies post-closing with strategic and financial initiatives
    • Identify potential acquisition targets and provide negotiation, due diligence, transaction structuring, and integration support for acquisitions
    • Introduce companies to lenders, consultants, and investment bankers within our network
    • Introduce companies to potential customers, vendors, or other new business relationships, including marketing and brand promotion opportunities
    • Help businesses build their management teams and introduce new appointees for board positions
    • Identify and structure exit opportunities that result in strong returns for all shareholders